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You can't spank a killer whale.

This sounds a little silly, yet it very well sums up what I know about the interaction between teacher and student, and the learning process.

While on a visit to Sea World in Orlando, Florida, after the demonstation of "behaviors" by porpoises and Orca Whales, the trainers asked for questions from the audience. One inquiry was, do they punish the Orca Whales when they don't properly respond to commands when teaching and training them. The answer: "You can't spank a killer whale."

Learning anything is more than the teacher giving out facts and the students storing them in memory to be recalled at testing time.  To learn we need to assimilate the facts and ideas presented to us in a manner that is meaningful to us as individuals.  Memorization is knoledge, that is the storing of facts.  Learning is the understanding of  This is much easier to do when the student is encouraged when performing well, rather than being scolded or punished for performing poorly.

My goal is to instill confidence in students and inspire them to work at and understand for themselves that which they are trying to learn. Positive reinforcement and encouragement are essential to students of all levels. Dwelling on mistakes and errors only sets those things into the mind of the student.

I spend very little time on what is wrong, but instead focus on identifying and accentuating the positive. Find what is good and keep on doing it. Nothing works all of the time. You are simply trying to find what works best most often, and any time you begin to struggle you want to go back to those things to get yourself back on track.

The actual presentation I make of the golf swing is quite different from conventional golf instruction. In most cases golf instruction is process based. That is you are taught and expected to carry out all of the individual motions that each part of your body should perform in making the golf swing. Unfortunately we don't learn that way. We learn by doing things. We learn to walk. We learn to throw. We learn to kick. We learn to write. We don't learn the processes and how the parts of our body move, we learn to accomplish an objective. This is objective learning.

In golf the objective is to learn to swing the golf club. As for the motions of your body, how it moves is a function of how you move the club with your wrists and arms and hands. As you progress, your body starts to move in response to the motion you make with the golf club. This is your sense of coordination at work. Coordination is nothing more than your body following itself in motion, finding more efficient ways to produce objectives. The more time you spend doing anything, the more coordinated your efforts become.

In short, I want you to practice and reward yourself for your accomplishments.


Objective Based Learning as Applied to Golf


My unique teaching technique has been refined over 30 years spent giving golf lessons to New Jersey and New York City residents. Typical golf instruction is given through process based learning. My golf instruction technique is objective based. Objective based learning focuses on the development of fundamental motion. Every person's body is different, therefore everyone moves a little differently. And frankly how your body moves is not the essential that brigs the club into contact with the ball. It is the motion of the club generated by the hands that deterimines how the face of the club strikes the golf ball which dictates the flight of the ball. It is much simpler to focus on the proper swing path and motions of the club, than it is to control all of the motions of the individual parts of your body. However, an interesting phenomena occurs - by achieving the proper swing path your body NATURALLY responds and finds for itself the best leverage positions throughout the swing. The end result, a long properly shaped ball flight, arrives naturally, more quickly and when you feel lost you will always have a fundamental swing to get back to. In short: If you are looking for golf lessons that will significantly improve your golf game in a short period of time and want to learn a swing that will "stick" with you for a lifetime and feel very natural there is simply no better technique than this.


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