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An Hour Lesson for the Price of a Half Hour
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Stressless Golf Instruction

A Different Kind of Golf Instruction 

Are you ready to learn golf a new way?  Are you ready to learn golf according to how your brain and body interact when learning some new physical skill?  Read on or contact Brian to schedule a lesson that will change how you learn the game of golf.

What is Stressless Golf?

Watch any professional athlete and one of the things that always comes to mind is...they make it look so easy.

There is a very simple reason for this.  Practice.  The more complicated answer is coordination.  Practice on a regular schedule will enhance coordination if the practice is approached properly.  That requires an understanding of just how our coordination develops.

Make no mistake, it is no small amount of energy that propels a golf ball 300 yards, but the best golfers in the world seem to do so with far less stress than the typical weekend warrior.  How he/she arrived at this point is irrelevant.  What matters is that should be the goal.  More distance, less effort...Stressless.

We learn to do things physically by assigning ourselves an objective, not by giving ourselves a complicated list of directions to follow. First we learn a simple motion to complete that objective, which over time becomes more rhythmic, more relaxed, better balanced and, as a result, more efficient.  As we become more proficient at the fundamental task we then progress to more sophisticated and more complex motions.

As a child learns to walk his steps are uneven and off balance.  Over time the child is eventually able to run and hop over things as they run.  If they are so inclined as they get older they may learn the proper technique for hurdling.  The more sophisticated task is an extension of and develops from the fundamental task.  The sophisticated task does not create the fundamental task.  Fundamental motion first, technique last.

Throughout the learning process I will keep you focused on the simple task.  To swing the golf club rhythmically and freely from a stable platform.  With consistent practice and patience, I will have you playing golf the way you have always wanted to play. Stressless. 

What is Inside the Leather?

It is an old golfing term indicating the next stroke is conceded to the opponent. It was derived from placing the head of the putter into the hole and extending the grip end of the putter to where the opponents ball lay on the green. If the ball was "Inside the Leather", the bottom of the grip, the next stroke was conceded. Inside the leather is the sure thing for golf lessons in New Jersey.

Your First Hour for the Price of a Half Hour

Golf is a frustrating game. Learning golf can be even more frustrating. When you see positive results quickly you will be more apt to enjoy your lessons and also the game of golf. I am so confident in my ability to quickly improve your game I offer a full hour for the price of a 1/2 hour lesson to any new client. In this hour of instruction you will learn the fundamental motion of the golf swing and begin striking the ball correctly. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your discounted lesson CLICK HERE or feel free to contact me by call or text anytime at 201-519-5014.  Serving Bergen County and the New York Metropolitan Area.

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